Electronic Contract Manufacturing

American Board Assembly is the premier electronic contract manufacturing services company for clients large and small. Our custom electronics and circuit boards are manufactured to your exact specifications and undergo rigorous quality control testing before they ever leave our labs. When you work with a U.S. based electronic manufacturing company, you know you’re working with a highly regulated, detail-oriented engineering design company.

We are a full-service electronic contract manufacturing company specializing in printed circuit board manufacturing, turn-key materials and quick-turn SMT/PCB prototyping, sample assembly and modifications, rapid New Product Introduction (NPI), and even small batch trial production. Our professional design team has years of experience in the electronics field, with certifications updated annually. We are a licensed PCB Manufacturer, with an emphasis on consistency. Our EMS services are tightly monitored and we employ more than the required testing of our products before we send them to our customers.

At American Board Assembly, we understand the importance of preserving cost control for your assembly materials, without sacrificing quality and performance. When you choose to have your instrumentation products, circuit boards, LED lighting products or fiber optics assembled by a professional EMS company, you are able to relieve some of the burden of production from your own company. Choosing a specialist EMS company to produce the electronics you need for your final products means that you’re choosing a specialized expert in the field of technology – one that uses cutting-edge technology and the most advanced tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality electronics.

EMS Services

Our services include electrical testing, verifying that every component operates correctly for a properly functioning product. This includes clamshell and burn-in capability testing, as well as overall functional systems testing. Should an electrical problem with the design arise, our engineering team will revisit it with you before we begin the manufacturing process. When your product nears completion, our dedicated team of electromechanical engineering technologists will perform the final composition, including assembly and integration of your chassis, cables, power supplies, and the PCBA.

American Board Assembly isn’t just an engineering and testing facility. We handle complete manufacturing of your products, exactly as you specify, and complete the process with our rigorous quality control inspections. When we have determined that the assembled electronic components met both our high standards and your expectations, then we carefully package your items for safe and secure delivery. Regardless of what type of product we create for you, rest assured that we will treat it with the care it deserves by using the highest quality shipping materials and snugly packed containers.

American Board Assembly is a smaller company, built from the ground up on principles of honesty, integrity, and quality. Our engineers have a passion for electronics and technology, and it shows in our designs and assembly methods. We stay abreast of the latest trends and constantly seek to “build a better mousetrap” with our circuitry and designs. Using a combination of proven electronic manufacturing techniques and innovative technology, American Board is a leader in among its peers as an electronic contract manufacturing services company. We are committed to working with you to ensure you have everything you need to provide your end-users with a product that performs flawlessly. Our line of services allows you to customize the assembly of your items based on specific requirements.

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