California Product Inspection Company

American Board Assembly in California is consistently seeking advancements in quality measures that we can incorporate to deliver for our clients. Because of our continuous improvement efforts, we are able to deliver products without defects that are ready to use. We take the time to go through each printed circuit board produced to ensure the components are free of defects. Our team has helped companies reduce the total time spent in product testing and inspections, reducing the total cost our customers pay for our services.

Printed Circuit Board Inspection Services

Our goal at American Board Assembly is to maximize efficiency, while minimizing waste. Our trained technicians complete inspections on incoming and in-process printed circuit boards. We will detect any electrical or mechanical defects, which in doing so promptly will save you production time and costs in the long-run.

You can rest assured that every facet of your product design will be thoroughly evaluated for functionality and accuracy. If you are ready to begin with your PCB inspection, contact our team of experts today.

✔ IPC 610C standards compliance
✔ Class II and III
✔ Process, quality and production reporting
✔ Serial and lot tracking

Our Facility Equipment

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