California PCB Rework & Repair Services

Do you have an idea for a groundbreaking product but need a little help in the design and development phases? If so, our team at American Board Assembly in California is happy to help. We understand it isn’t always easy to get everything done the way you want within the time allotted. Even something small can throw your whole design off and cause a world of problems. That’s why we take the time to go through the details and make sure nothing is left to chance.

Assembly – Test – Package & Delivery

If something isn’t right or needs to be calibrated a little differently to improve functionality, we can help. You can count on us to assemble, test, and package your products within the shortest amount of time possible, while ensuring your end product is exactly what you wanted to begin with. When you have our team of design engineers working with you, it’s easier than ever before to get the results you desire. We take your design and rework it to help ensure everything is calibrated correctly and you get the product you desire.

American Board Assembly – California PCB Rework Company

It’s all about making those final adjustments that can mean the difference in how your product works and functions. If you need a little help, we are here for you. At American Board Assembly in California, we can handle whatever it is that comes along to provide you with the end result you want. Take the time to speak with one of our dedicated engineering specialists to discuss what we have to offer you.

Our Facility Equipment

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